Town site plus distribution of Council minutes

Great Torrington Town Council had a rather basic web site provided by Torridge District Council. The users of the website find updating a difficult and uninspiring process. 

The website was used to provide information to both residents and visitors to Great Torrington. Due to the issues faced when updating the website, much of the content is out of date (latest news and event listed November 2010). 

The site offered no option for users to interact and has no social elements. 

The new website is a cost effective solution allowing Great Torrington Town Council to easily maintain and update their own website. By allowing all users (with properly configured security) to update the site, the content may be kept up to date more easily. 

The site has also been built to allow local residents to interact more easily. This includes contact forms for local councillors, event and news submission and even news alerts and newsletter subscriptions. 

By utilising an effective website to improve communications with the local population, many benefits have been realised, including cost savings by reducing time to handle enquiries, easier sharing of critical information and a better informed local population engaging far more in local events and utilising facilities more fully. Clearly an easy to edit website also results in considerable time savings.